Super Mario Galaxy ROM

Super Mario Galaxy – the best game by Nintendo on Wii console

Super Mario Galaxy is the third 3D platformer game after Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. The game was published by Nintendo in November 2007 for Wii video gaming console. It has been hugely popular among fans and followers since then. The game became available for Nintendo Selects in 2011 and as a downloadable version via Wii U’s e-shop in 2015.  The concept of the game was taken from the technology demonstration, Super Mario 128 during Nintendo Space World in 2000. The Super Mario Galaxy is considered to be one of the best games by Nintendo offering superlative gaming experience. Download the Super Mario Galaxy ROM below.

Download the Super Mario Galaxy ROM files

The gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy:

As mentioned in the previous section, the game is set in the space, where Mario, the protagonist travels through galaxies collecting Power Stars. The Power Stars can be earned by defeating a boss or completing missions. The player can jump from one astronomical object to land on another object located nearby. Although the gameplay is in 3D format, certain movements are restricted to 2D only. When the player starts playing, only a few galaxies are accessible for him. As he continues on his mission and collects Power Stars, more galaxies open for him gradually.


Once the player collects 120 Power Stars as Mario, he is allowed to play as Luigi. The player can control characters by the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in the game. Apart from the long jumps, somersaults and other abilities, a special feature called the Star Pointer is available. This pointer is used to pick the Star Bits. The Star Pointer also helps to free Mario if he is trapped inside a floating bubble. The “Spin” attack is primarily used for melee attacks. In the course of the game, nine power-ups are available that supplies different costumes to Mario with special abilities. The life-meter consists of three lives which reduce further upon contact with enemies. The gameplay is simple but exciting with superb control and gravitational effect.

Acceptance among critics and fans:

Super Mario was critically acclaimed by the gaming fraternity and was a commercial success. Within a few months of release, more than 12 million copies of the game were sold worldwide. The game was praised for its awesome graphics, mechanics, soundtrack and superb setting. Mahito Yokota and Koji Kondo jointly composed the soundtrack for Super Mario Galaxy with the use of symphony orchestra. There are 28 orchestral songs and each piece was well-received by the audience, adding more value to the game. The music of the Super Mario Galaxy is considered to be exceptional and best among the Nintendo games.

Within a few weeks of release, the game won many awards and accolades from different gaming publications worldwide.  Super Mario Galaxy was the first Nintendo game to win the prestigious British Academy Games Award for Best Game. The game has acquired the ninth position in the best-selling games on Wii console. Super Mario Galaxy holds the 29th rank in the Guinness World Records among the top 50 console games. Eurogamer and IGN named Super Mario Galaxy as the “Game of the Generation”. In 2009, the Super Mario Galaxy rom was awarded “Game of the Year” BAFTA at the 5th British Academy Games Awards ceremony.

Issues faced by gamers:

Like any other rom, the right emulator is needed to be downloaded prior to playing the Super Mario Galaxy. Find out the right emulator suiting your console and download the same to enjoy the Super Mario Galaxy. After you select the language, you are ready to play the game.

You need to download a Nintendo Wii emulator to play this rom. The game is available in six different languages, Japanese, Korean, English, Spanish, French and Chinese. You need to select the language in your region which is a must. If you select a language other than these six languages, the emulation hangs. This issue has been faced by many but the Wii language setting should match a language from the given set.

Some gamers have reported observing inverted reflections of Mario in certain levels of the game. However, this is not anything to do with the emulator, but the hardware is responsible for the issue.

Wii Remote Lags

In other instances, the Wii remote lags while collecting star bits. If you mute the Wii Remote speaker the issue will resolve. This problem occurs when the Bluetooth device doesn’t allow enough bandwidth to play sound and transmit controls simultaneously.

Few gamers have witnessed another issue where the boss roar effects cause the screen to darken. Due to this, the actions are not fully visible on the screen. However, the issue is neither with the rom nor the emulator. But, this happens due to the incompatibility between the emulator and the hardware devices of the PC.

The texture of the shell that Mario and Luigi hold during the Race of Sea Side Galaxy gets blurred.  The reason for this is still not known and it does not make any impact on the game.

Few important facts about the Super Mario Galaxy rom:

There are total 120 stars that need to be collected with both Mario and Luigi. After acquiring all the stars, the rom enters into the Grand Finale Galaxy.  When the characters get the final star from this stage, the player is allowed to see how many times he died.

Super mario galaxy rom is available in the multiplayer “co-star” mode. One player controls Mario and the other player uses the Wii remote to collect star bits on screen and shoot at the enemies. The second player also has the ability to make Mario jump with the press of a button.

The player can earn three green stars in the three levels, Battlerock Galaxy, Buoy Base Galaxy and the Dusty Dune Galaxy.

Super Mario Galaxy 2, a sequel to the Super Mario Galaxy rom was published in 2010. The sequel was first announced in the E3 2009 which was held in Los Angeles. The sequel received more critical acclaim than its predecessor with 6.36 million copies sold by April, 2011.

Useful tips to defeat Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy:

Bowser emits shock waves to destroy his enemies when he stomps on the ground. So, whenever Bowser is about to perform that move, remember to jump in the air to avoid the shock waves. If there are several shock waves coming together it Freaky fast Super mario galaxy romwould be best to use Mario’s spin move that will allow a longer stay in the air. The longer you stay in the air the more you are safe from the repeated shock waves.

If Bowser hides behind rocks and attacks, you should wait for his face to show up from behind the rocks. If your timing is right, you can destroy him by directly hitting on his face by using the spin attack. You have to make repeated attacks to hit him while saving yourself from being hit.

When Bowser shoots fireballs, it is best to run around in every direction to avoid getting hit. Hiding behind the green plants is also a great idea to avoid the attacks. The fireballs vanish when they touch the green plants. You can use the bouncy plants to hit Bowser, but make sure they don’t hit you back. So, you need to be a pro in this game to make the timing perfect.

Bowser Transforms

When Bowser transforms into a spiky ball and rolls towards you, it is best to run away to avoid him. There is no point attacking him at this point. As in this particular form, no attacks will be able to destroy him. So run away from him as far as possible to avoid getting killed.

You should always hit Bowser when he jumps into the air while stepping back several steps off the blue spots. The blue spots are filled with molten lava that will burn Bowser’s tail when he accidentally jumps on them. At this time, Bowser will run frantically and you can catch him from the opposite direction and give persistent attacks. You have to be quick otherwise he will start attacking again if the fire on his tail ceases. This trick needs to be mastered by playing the game multiple times and cannot be performed easily.

Hidden coins

Another useful tip is to find the hidden coins by making Bowser jump on the small circles on the ground. You can do this by firing star bits at the circles on the ground using the Star Pointer.

If you manage to acquire one of the red mushrooms having yellow stars on it, that will make your journey easier by increasing your life meter. The life meter will be 6 as compared to the normal 3 which will benefit you in several ways. An increased life meter means you have three more lives to spare during the course of the game.