Mario Golf GBC ROM

Mario Golf provides absolute delight for the video game lovers

The popular Mario Golf video game was first published by Nintendo in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 platform. The sports game was developed by Camelot Software planning, the same firm that developed the portable version Mario Golf Game Boy Color (GBC). The GBC version was released four months after the Nintendo 64 version was launched. The version has the capability to interact with the Nintendo 64 version through the Transfer Pak function. The Mario Golf GBC version includes role-playing video gaming features. Being the second installment in the popular Mario Golf series, the Mario golf gbc rom revolves around Mario, his friends and antagonists playing golf. The tagline “Tee up with Mario and his friends!” was apt and pretty interesting during its release. A sequel, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour is available in 2003 for Nintendo GameCube.

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Gameplay and important features in Mario Golf

The playable characters include Mario and Luigi, the two main protagonists in the game. The players can also play as other characters like Princess Peach, Yoshi and Wario. Another special attraction of the game is the introduction of a few new characters namely, Plum, Harry, Sonny and Charlie. Mario Golf is a very easy game as it eliminates most of the complicated features of golf. You can simply pick it up and start playing without any proficiency. Even a novice can play this game with no difficulty. However, the engine of the game is quite deep with multiple factors affecting a shot.

The common factors are wind strength and direction, rain, ball spin, attributes of the character etc. The player can get a variety of gameplay modes such as speed golf, mini golf, skins match and ring shot. An interesting feature in the game is the recorded voice samples of each character that one can use to define the shots from an opponent.  Mario Golf is also available in a multiplayer mode allowing Mario golf gbc rom downloadseparate players to participate in a single game. The simple yet classy game is a treat for the gaming enthusiasts in the sports genre.

Transfer Pak – an additional feature

The Transfer Pak compatibility feature connects the Mario Golf game with the Mario golf gbc rom version. With this feature, the players upload the characters and data from the GBC version to the Nintendo 64 version. This is an excellent option to play the characters in 3D format. The data is saved in the GBC version automatically. Therefore you will need to import the characters every time you want to play in the Nintendo 64 version.  However, the functionality is absent in the virtual console version.

Acceptability of Mario Golf GBC ROM game among players

Both the console versions are equally popular among the game lovers. Therefore people really appreciate this particular game. The Mario Golf game received a score of 30/40 by Famitsu in Japan. IBF gave a 10/10 rating to this game calling Mario Golf a must-buy for the GBC console.

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