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Some memories of childhood always remains fresh in your mind. I also have some cherished moments from my childhood. I was really into playing video games. Whenever I used to get any free time, I used to engaged myself into playing my favourite video games. Mario tennis was one of my very favourite video game.f you compare the graphics quality of Mario tennis with current games, then obviously Mario is far behind. But for that time it was one of the most wonderfully made game. Download the Mario Tennis ROM files below.

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In the gage, you could play Tennis with another opposition player. While playing this game I actually felt excitement as if I was playing Tennis in an international match. With the help of controller the shots were played.

The game had proper instructions so that while playing the game,the gamer had all the clues about the game.

Game Criteria

If you played the game, then you definitely know that after finishing each set, a complete star of the set were shown in the screen. Both the players were compared on the basis of some criteria. The criterias in this game were:


The stats were really intriguing to me. I started to work on the criterias to make myself a better tennis player.

There was also another format in the game which was playing single. I remember, one of the game of this format. There used to be one player and the player had two banana board in front of of him. And behind the boards there was a green wall. The player had to hit the tennis ball like the squash game. And there were different levels in that format of the game.

Extra Points

In between two players in the game, there were also chance of winning some extra points. In some game format, there used to be a white cartoon sort of an object, if your stroke hit that, you could get some extra points. And again there were some glowing numbers in the court of the opposition player, if you could hit those spots, you would have got extra points.

Where the game used to finish, a proper celebration animation used to come in theExcellent screen announcing one player winner and another player looser. The animation also had an impact on the players.

A player could also modify his skills before playing the game. There were some set of skills and you could easily change the skill parameter according to your playing style. The skills in the game were:

  1. Speed
  2. Control
  3. Power
  4. Spin

The game also had a Arcade kind of game. You could see chat between your player and other players in the game which made the game interesting.

Mario Tennis was one of my favourite games. You can learn details about Mario Tennis Rom through various websites. Remembering playing this exciting game I feel like going back to my childhood. I wish I could go back again inot my childhood and play my favourite Mario Tennis Rom Game.

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